It's been a few years since I last wrote on my personal blog, because I've been mainly using Twitter for the same kind of thing.

But with Twitter under new 'management', and its future a little uncertain, I've decided to have greater control over my writing and how it's published.

So I'm rebooting this blog to be the main place I keep notes about writing and life.

I've divided it into four main sections, accessed through the menu at the top of the screen:

  • Writing: a journal of my work on writing projects, learning about writing, and publishing occasional pieces of short fiction
  • Reading: notes on books I read (as well as TV programmes, movies or radio I watch/listen to) and what I can learn from them about writing, or the themes and issues I write about
  • Thinking: posts about my research and analysis around the topics that feature in my writing. Will include media, journalism, politics, technology, entrepreneurship, global
  • Living: notes on life in France and the UK, travels, food, drink, culture and more. The random stuff that doesn't fit into the top 3 sections ;)

To follow along, you can browse the site from time to time, or subscribe to the email feed to get updates into your inbox.

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